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A Look at the History of African Elephant Twins & Their Elephant Families in Amboseli

It is such a rare occasion to discover elephant twins that the Amboseli Trust for Elephants has only 3 documented cases of twin births in the past 48 years (Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa). 051420   Sadly, few elephant twins “survive into adulthood”.#  #102218  In most cases one calf dies when twins are born.+   +112416


Image: by ERNA, twin elephant boys, Mama Pazia, born in Africa, Amboseli National Park


1980    Estella  became the first elephant  (Cynthia Moss/the ATFE began their research in 1972)   to go on record as having twin elephant calves.  Born in 1980, she had a boy and a girl named, Equinox & Eclipse, respectively. The female twin, Eclipse, lived until 2017.  She birthed three baby elephants in her lifetime; her death was from natural causes.  Equinox was still living at last report 5/2020. Estella, the mama elephant, lived** from 1938 to 2006    **112416       051420

2018    KWS spotted twin elephant calves at Easter (Sunday 1 April 2018 when, ironically, April Fools & Easter Sunday coincide). Mama elephant Paru had given birth to a male and female babies.  042318    Sadly the female twin  died* less than seven months after her birth. The little elephant had suffered a back injury, which a veterinarian had checked. Yet he deemed the risks of surgery (at the time the calf had no apparent infection or signs of suffering) & the risks of darting the mother elephant, Paru, both higher than the rewards. The baby girl elephant’s health seemed to improve; both twins had been closely monitored. Hers was called “a natural death”* nonetheless.  *102218

2020  Mama elephant Pazia had twin elephant baby boys born approx. March or April 2020.      070720

2020  Mama elephant Angelina‘s twins were born in the most unusual way. A male calf was born on Thursday 6 February 2020. The following Monday, 10 February 2020, Angelina had two baby elephants by her side, the second calf a baby girl.  021120

Matriarch Angelina is unique. She is easily recognizable by her “reversed tusks”. Angelina‘s family includes Aurora (adopted in 2010), Amola (born in 2011), & Aspen (born in 2015) The new twins have been named Amora (boy) & Aurora B (girl). 021320 KWS Twitter


Image: by Amboseli Trust for Elephants FB, Angelina the elephant with her twins


Thank you Amboseli Trust for Elephants for your research and your tireless efforts to help protect our African elephants, and their elephant families.

Source: Amboseli Trust for Elephants facebook, dates of posts included, with the exception of KWS Twitter linked above.

Images: by Amboseli Trust for Elephants FB Angelina the elephants with her twins (031020) & by ERNA, twin elephant boys, Mama Pazia, born in Africa, Amboseli National Park

There are many ways to support our African elephants in Amboseli. Please consider making a donation or naming an elephant through the Amboseli Trust For Elephants

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