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Video Moment, A Look Back : Through Their Eyes, Stop Elephant Poaching Now

If only we could see what an elephant sees, feel what an elephant feels. Through their eyes… if only humans could see through an elephant’s eyes. Humans know they can do so much better.

The stench of blood ivory will forever remain on a poacher’s hands. Elephant poaching must stop now.


“Like us, elephants feel complex emotions

Like us, they feel loss

Around 55 elephants are killed a day for their tusks

We need your help

To stop the killing”


Image: CC Flickr: by Andy Morffew, elephant amber eye



Watch “Heartbreaking WWF Ad to Stop Elephant Poaching” (World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Help Protect Wildlife Now’ Ad Campaign) at The Daily Mail


Image: CCFlickr: by Andy Morffew, elephant amber eye


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