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Crafting For a Cause: Blankets For Baby Rhinos Charity Helps Comfort Orphaned Baby Elephants, Too

Remember when knitting tiny sweaters for penguins used to be all the rage, and how the response to their call for knitters had been such a success? That charity currently has such a stockpile of these “jumpers” that, for the time being, they are not asking for any more*.

But it goes without saying that there are other animals and wildlife that can benefit from the comfort and warmth (not to mention the love) that a hand-knitted sweater or blanket can bring. Blankets from kind humans (those who work on their own & through charities) that see to it that those orphaned or injured animals do not have to do without.

A wonderful charity that has provided hand knitted and crocheted blankets for orphaned baby rhinos, and other wildlife (established in 2016) also look out for our elephants. Blankets For Baby Rhinos (BFBR) sends their hand crafted blankets to at least four elephant sanctuaries across Africa and Asia to comfort orphaned baby elephants, too!

BFBR even creates amigurumi for orphaned chimps and other wildlife who take to the toys and can cuddle with them for hours.

Thank you for your kindness towards our elephants, baby rhinos and other orphaned wildlife, BFBR.


Blankets For Baby Rhinos, A Poem

“We are a conservation group, slightly different don’t you know?

Our fight is fought with needles and hooks, our name, Blankets For Baby Rhinos.

We try to help the orphans, left behind when mums are slain,

By offering our blankets to give them warmth and ease their pain.

The pain of seeing mothers, killed because of horn

No thought for babies left behind or those, as yet, unborn.

So we sit, from day to day, with hooks and needles in our hand

Wishing that they’d find a way to have rhino atrocity banned.

Until that day, when common sense wins, and humans see their plight

We will sit, and make our wares, because that is how we fight.”

By Anne Mothe Rhino Warrier UK (31 October 2018) Source: “Blankets For Rhinos Presentation” video


Image: CC Flickr by gconard, orphaned baby rhino Sheldrick Wildlife Trust



If you are interested in becoming part of a worldwide community that knits & crochets for BFBR they recommend you contact them on Facebook first. They are a UK charity but have members all around the globe (3,000 and counting).


Children Have Become Involved As Well:

Watch the “Community Pulse Ft Knitting for Baby Rhinos” YouTube Video

If you are inspired by the video from the children and library staff at this California USA elementary school then follow their example. Your school or organization can also start your own service project. (Note: remote learning / virtual groups are still possible right now#). # social distancing and isolation are recommended by the World Health Organization at this time (spring 2020) for people of all ages

For more information on how to begin knitting for baby rhinos (& elephants!) you can learn from the video “Community Pulse Ft Knitting for Baby Rhinos” or contact Kandyce Rojas at Trapp Elementary: email:  Blankets For Rhinos Club


Elephant Charities / Elephant Nurseries That Benefit From the Kindness of Blankets For Baby Rhinos:

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage

Save Elephant Foundation, Myanmar (SEF)

Wild is Life Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN)

GRI Zambia –Lilayi Elephant Nursery


Image: BFBR Charity Provides Knitted & Crocheted Blankets to Elephant Rescue Organizations & Elephant Sanctuaries


DONATE to Blankets For Baby Rhinos



Blankets For Baby Rhinos (BFBR) website

Save Elephant Foundation Facebook

Blankets For Baby Rhinos Facebook

Elephant Spoken Here Facebook

“Crafting for a Cause: Blankets for Baby Rhinos”  by Ally Carey   Lion Brand Yarns

*Penguin Foundation still appreciates your donations



Orphans Presentation” on Blankets For Baby Rhinos YouTube Channel

Community Pulse Ft Knitting for Baby Rhinos

Orphaned elephants get blankets to stay warm” from ABC News on BFBR FB



See more photos at BFBR

See BBC “Baby elephants bundle up in woolly jumpersfor a photo gallery of orphaned elephants (Save Elephant Foundation) benefiting from the kind donation of blankets from BFBR charity


Images:  by BFBR Charity Provides Knitted & Crochet Blankets to Elephant Rescue Organizations & Elephant Sanctuaries & by gconard, orphaned baby rhino Sheldrick Wildlife Trust




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