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Celebrate a Triple Palindrome Event on this Special Day 02/02/2020 : The Last Palindrome Date Occurred Some 909 Years Ago

You will have to wait another 101 years (on 12/12/2121) before the next palindrome day comes around again so enjoy this day to the fullest while you can. According to Solihull School in England (Maths Department) this is also the 33rd day of the year and there are exactly 333 days left, both palindromes!

So, today is a triple palindrome event day.

What is a palindrome?

As today’s date indicates, 02/02/2020, it is a “number (word, phrase, or other sequence of characters”) that reads the same both forward and backward. The last palindrome date occurred on 11/11/1111, some 909 years ago. That makes today’s palindrome the only one possible in our current, (the twenty-first) century.


Oh, & happy Groundhog Day, North America, as well!


Image: CC Flickr by designwallah Palindrome, Number 33


Wikipedia palindrome

Twitter Solihull School in England (Maths Department)

The Daily Mail  “Today is 02/02/2020 – the first palindrome in 909 years and the only time this century that the date will read the same forwards and backwards” by Ralph R. Ortega for DailyMail.com

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Image: CC Flickr by designwallah: Palindrome Number 33

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