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Elephants Gain More Protection in California With The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act as Governor Joins Two Other States in Prohibiting Their Use as Circus Entertainment

The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act: California State Senate Bill 313

Elephants & most other wild animals have been included in a new bill (SB313) signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom to ban all but dogs, cats and horses from performing in circuses and having to endure the horrendous training that such performances entail. Facing a fine of “up to $25,000 per day“circuses booking performances in CA must now rely on acrobats and human tight rope walkers not dancing bears, flaming hoop jumping lions or parading elephants being forced to stand on their heads.

Cirque du Soleil has offered amazing acrobatic shows sans animals for years as have at least 18 other circus entertainment shows. And since the demise of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 2017, popular for 146 years, circuses have really become obsolete.

Shamefully, UniverSoul Circus continues to abuse our elephants by making them perform in their circus acts.

Image: full copyright belongs to PETA & SCIL: poster Prohibitions on Wild Animals in Circuses Worldwide

New Jersey and Hawaii have previously recognized the importance of protecting elephants and wild animals by introducing legislation similar to SB313 (The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act).

California has now, rightfully, followed suit. Bravo California.

Three states down, 47 to go, + DC… for our elephants.

Thank you California Senator Ben Hueso for standing up for our elephants once again. Read more at “State Senate Bill Aims to Close Curtain on Circus Cruelty in California” (The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act,  SB313 has been a joint effort  by PETA, Social Compassion in Legislation & Senator Hueso)

Watch PETA video Celebrating the Introduction of SB313, a CA bill that will #EndCircusCruelty… #SB313.”

Resources: “California becomes the first state to ban the sale of new fur products as Governor Gavin Newsom signs bills also barring most circus animals” by AP at The Daily Mail, Mailonline

Victory! PETA-Cosponsored California Circus Cruelty Prevention Act Passes” PETA

Join PETA & “Urge UniverSoul Circus to End All Cruel Animal Acts

Image: CCFlickr: by ayacata7 : Vintage Circus Poster “Ringling Bros. Marvelous Acting Pachyderms”…”Lockhart’s Funny, Dancing, Pantomimic, Play-Acting Elephants”

Images: Poster by PETA / SCIL “Prohibitions on Wild Animals in Circuses Worldwide” & CCFlickr: by ayacata7 Vintage Circus Poster “Ringling Bros. Marvelous Acting Pachyderms”…”Lockhart’s Funny, Dancing, Pantomimic, Play-Acting Elephants”

Read the text of the bill:SB-313 Animals: prohibition on use in circuses.(2019-2020)

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