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Video Moment : Are You My Mother? Orphaned Baby Elephant Takes Comfort By Laying Her Head on Her Rescuer’s Lap as She is Abandoned By Her Elephant Herd a Second Time

Rescuer’s Tried To Reunite Baby Elephant With Her Wild Elephant Family

It was 4 April 2019 when a baby elephant, who came to be known as Chabakeaw, was discovered in Bueng Kan,Thailand  all alone and stuck in a mud hole. From the moment of her rescue she was taken in and “hand-reared” by the wild life officers who saved her. In the process, it seems, the two-year –old has become quite attached.

Despite a five month separation from her wild elephant family on 18 September 2019 little Chabakeaw was taken back to the area where she was initially found to be released where it was hoped she would naturally rejoin her elephant herd. Unfortunately the elephant calf was abandoned yet again about a mile from where her human “carers” had released her.

The IUCN Species Survival Commission, whose wildlife officers are fostering the orphaned elephant, speak of wild elephant herds rejecting those orphaned baby elephants who have come in contact with humans for an extended length of time and Chabakeaw’s case is a perfect example of that. 

So for now the humans who have loved and cared for the still orphaned little elephant have welcomed her back. And like a baby seeking comfort from her mama she was overjoyed, once again, to find a soft place to lay her head for her nap.  

Are You My Mother?  Watch the video & see photos of this sweet baby elephant and her “carer” at The Daily Mail


Image: CC Flickr photo by Tom Simpson: Baby elephant drawing in nest in tree Goliath II by Bill Peet



Resource:  “Nobody wants to play with me  can I have a cuddle Orphaned baby elephant returns to her carer to lay on his lap after she is released into the wild but rejected by her herd” by Ryan Fahey for MailOnline, The Daily Mail therefore all quotations not linked should be attributed to The Daily Mail.

Image: CC Flickr by Tom Simpson : Goliath II by Bill Peet (baby elephant sleeping in nest drawing) 

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