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Feisty Little Gawa Turns Three! On the Day of Her Birth Baby Elephant Became the 22nd Known Wild Born Baby Born to Ex-Orphans of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Feisty Little Elephant

Just like her mama (Galana) before her, Gawa the elephant’s “feisty spirit” drives her ambition as she contemplates her most intimidating stance in preparation for her mock charge. When you’re still a little squirt any talents one has should be used to one’s advantage. Don’t you think?

 See Gawa with “her enchanting ears outstretched” in an adorable mock-charge pose.

A Wild Elephant’s Birthday

The moment mother elephant Galana presented her “hours-old” baby, Gawa, to her former stable mates (elephant orphans) and her former human Keepers at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) was as enchanting as the newborn herself. For gathering to meet the little arrival were also a group of wild elephants intermingling and sharing in the joy that only the birth of a baby can bring.

That day was Sunday, 4 September 2016; the day baby elephant Gawa (meaning “to share” in Swahili),was born.


Image: CC Flickr: Baby elephant tugging at flower painting Goliath II by Bill Peet , photo by Tom Simpson


They Grow Up So Fast. Even Elephants!

Over the past three years Gawa has enjoyed the life of wild-born elephant, still under the protective watch of her elephant mama, of course.

Watch the African elephant calf grow up in a series of short videos on the DSWT facebook page:

  • Playful Gawa!” See the little elephant’s mock charge 10.14.16
  • Six-day-old Gawa  09.10.16
  • Six-month-old Gawa 03.12.17
  • Gawa and Siku, inseparable friends   10.12.18
  • 6 am breakfast call! Two-year-old Gawa shares in a delicious treat with her wild elephant friends   10.10.18
  • Gawa has taken Siku under her wing…”  Gawa and Siku, share a common bond. Both are wild born baby elephants, born to former orphans raised at the DSWT. Gawa is the daughter of Galana. Siku is the daughter of Sunyei  12.20.18
  • Mother elephant and daughter each have their own distinct style when it comes to enjoying a mudhole. “Galana take the ‘submerge and drink’ approach, whilst her daughter Gawa goes for the ‘drop and twizzle’ tactic” 01.08.18

Too cute for photos: All the above-mentioned videos (& Gawa’s photos!) can be accessed at DSWT fb (from the home page click on ‘posts’ then search GAWA) Any quotes not linked should be attributed to DSWT fb (search GAWA) as well.

See also: Video Moment : “Baby Elephant Takes Her First Bath” by BBC Earth: Starring Gawa , With a Triumphant  Appearance by Wiva & All Their “Elephant Nannies”

Image: CC Flickr: photo by Tom Simpson, Goliath II Bill Peet artist, little elephant tugging daisy

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