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MAKTAO : Elephant of the Week at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Too Cute : Part 2


Ongoing Medical Treatment: “Maktao requires 24/7 Keeper care and plenty of specialist formula milk

How Baby Elephant is Adjusting to New Elephant Family at DSWT: Deep within his little elephant soul baby bull Maktao,  for a little while, “remained restless, obviously searching for his Mum”. Despite that initial sadness our little elephant orphan “immediately became a permanent member of the baby herd”.

Baby Elephant’s Personality Traits: “Right from the outset it was evident that this little baby boy had attitude!”  Maktao has become “all energy and attitude”.  “.  Naughty Maktao:He’s very vocal about what he wants and when he doesn’t get his own way…” (see Twitter update 04-09-2018 below )

Baby Elephant’s Favorite Things: taking mud baths! (see Maktao’s Rescue video)

Baby Elephant’s New Friends:  “loyal” Luggard, Sattao & Musiara (of the “baby group”); Mbegu & Godoma, “who constantly pamper the babies”  became his “surrogate” elephant mamas and our baby bull relished that!

Watch YouTube Video: ” Maktao’s Rescue”  


Credit: public domain, Baby Elephant Drawing

UPDATES:  All quotations taken from sources listed below.

*For Updates on Maktao

       *see also  “Meet Maktao!”  on  facebook

Elephant Spoken Here facebook

        *Maktao  “Shoots are no match for little Maktao…”  on Instagram

        *Twitter DSWT  …search ‘Maktao’

        11-26-2018  “Maktao shows off his precision skills!”

        10-01-2017 “Lost in a dream world as he sucks his trunk… In all honesty though, it’s rare to find this    brash little bull so quiet and calm – he’s normally found bellowing for more milk or taking matters into his own hands and stealing it!… Watch him as he raids our milk barrow …” :

      09-27-2017 “Maktao loves his milk almost as much as he loves to be the centre of attention …

      Jan 17th  “It takes baby elephants quite some time to learn how to properly use their trunks…”

     08-20-2018 “Nursery baby Maktao has worked out a clever way to combat the current cool weather ..”

     04-09-2018 “Maktao might look a picture of innocence but don’t let that fool you…”

     05-25-2018 “Maktao loves to chase the animals that live in the surrounds of the Nursery, but he’s fast learning not everyone wants to play!”

    11-08-2018 “With a cosy blanket and lots of freshly cut branches to chomp on, Maktao is one happy boy!…”

Credit: public domain drawing of baby elephant

When you adopt / foster your chosen elephant through the DSWT “Digital Adoption Programme”  You will receive…

“Personalized adoption certificate”

“Monthly email update on your orphan (your chosen elephant) and the project”

“Monthly water color by Angela Sheldrick”

“Access to social content: latest Keepers’ Diaries, videos and photos”

“It is important to note that your donation will help any orphan in need. Our orphans will need more than one adoptive parent.”  So while you may choose one (or two!) elephants to foster your donation to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (aka The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) will provide help for orphans who have the greatest need at the time DSWT receives your donation.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s “Our Wishlist” lists additional items needed to support the work of this great elephant charity  

The orphaned elephants at the Sheldrick WildlifeTrust are “reliant on your kind support” and, as always, the future of our elephants is in our hands.

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