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Earth Day 2019 : Protect Our Elephants “Protect Our Species”

“…The world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago“… 

Elephants are not alone in their struggle to survive. That is why Earth Day has chosen “Protect Our Species” as the theme for their 2019 global campaign.


Image: CCFlickr by DazMSmith African Elephant Herd

If we care deeply about protecting our elephants on this Earth Day, & every day in between, elephant advocates should:

“Join the movement to stop the ivory trade…”

“Speak up against trophy hunting…”

“Protect elephants from entertainment…”

“Practice sustainable tourism…”


Image: CC Flickr: 3 African elephants one behind by Stalderth

Learn more about elephants , their uniqueness , the biggest threats to their survival, & why we should protect the species on the Earth Day website


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Watch YouTube video “Earth Day – The Last Elephants Part 1”  

Watch YouTube video “Earth Day: Colin Bell – The Last Elephants Part 2”   

Image: CC Flickr 2 African savannah elephants by Marie Sahlen

Images:  CC Flickr:  B&W  2 African savannah elephants by Marie Sahlen;   3 African elephants one behind by Stalderth 

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