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Video Moment: Baby Elephant Bliss : Sleep-Loving Orphaned Elephant Makes the Funniest Snoring Sounds Ever

Just looking at baby elephant Khun-Seuk’s sweet contented face as he lays on his side napping (at an unnamed elephant orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand) one would not expect such human emotions to shine through. Perhaps in his dreams, his little elephant body & trunk “twitches” and stirs but not enough to interrupt his blissful sleep. He is startled but once, opening  his eyes, raising his little trunk to his mouth as if a pacifier, then returns, unperturbed, to dream land.

As his Mahout says, ‘He loves to sleep… he makes the strangest noises I’ve ever heard.


Watch This Baby Elephant Bliss Video  “‘He loves to sleep’: Adorable baby elephant snores and makes hilarious noises as he takes a snooze” by Bryony Jewell


Photos of little Khun-Seuk the elephant can be seen at The Daily Mail Online as well.

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Image: CC Flickr photo by Tom Simpson : Goliath II by Bill Peet (baby elephant sleeping in nest drawing)

Image: CC Flickr photo by Tom Simpson: baby elephant sleeping in nest, drawing Goliath II by Bill Peet

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