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Video Moment : “GoPro : Orphan Elephants From Kenya” Will Tug at Your Heartstrings to Help Save African Elephants

The following was transcribed from “Kings Without Kingdoms : Orphan Elephants From Kenya ”                   Video: “GoPro : Orphans From Kenya


My name is Julius Shivega. I began doing these studies about ten years ago as an elephant keeper. Some of them are here because of the fight that we are experiencing between the human beings and the wild animals. Their mothers had been killed by poachers.”

Location: “At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya”


“This orphanage was started back in 1977 after the death of David Sheldrick, who was the senior founder of Tsavo  National Park . You rescue an elephant with the high hopes that this elephant will make it back into the wild.

“All the babies that we rescue have different reasons for being orphans. Most of them are here because of human related reasons. It is because of poaching where a majority of them, their mothers have been killed because of the trend on ivory.


Fact: “There Are Now Only 415,000 Remaining African Elephants”

Fact: “Nearly Every 25 Minutes an Elephant is Killed”

Fact: “The African Elephant Population Continues to Decline 8% a Year”


Image: CC Flickr by Regina Hart DSWT elephant orphans Greetings, trunk entwined


If we do not act right now all these animals are gone. It means that our future generations will only read of their stories, will only see documentaries about them, which is so sad. To help these animals education is the fundamental of everything. The young Kenyan, the young Africans, will be involved in fighting poaching. From the village people up to the international and global market we will stand a high chance of stopping poaching.”


“My biggest dream would be to see elephants living peacefully with the people. No fighting for anything. Sometimes they don’t make it. Sometimes they die. But you always think of rescuing and sending them back into the wild.”


“Support the care of orphaned elephants and their reintroduction into the wild through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Every donation makes a difference in helping to protect and preserve this vulnerable species and conserve their natural habitat. ”


Watch on YouTube: “GoPro : Orphans From Kenya


Music: The American Dollar by William Ryan Fritch,  Matthew Collings

Images: CC Flickr:  3 DSWT elephant orphans, in profile  & DSWT elephant orphans Greetings, trunk entwined by Regina Hart


Image: CC Flickr by Regina Hart    3 DSWT baby elephant orphans, in profile


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