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Video Moment : It’s Christmas Fostering Time at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Choose Your Elephant to Adopt & Help Save a Little Elephant’s Life

Elephants need us. For the holidays please adopt an elephant as a gift for a friend or as a gift for yourself. It is a beautiful way to help save the species, to help keep elephants on this planet for as long as we can.

Watch this elephant videoGift of Life Adopt an orphan this Christmas” at the dswtkenya YouTube Channel. See the baby elephant asleep in her stable covered in a checkered blanket. Watch as the little elephants head out of their stables at daybreak; each orphan still warmly wrapped in their own colorful blankey .

Watch as they make their way toward the forest, in a little line behind their Keepers, whom the orphans depend on for 24/7 care.

There is a promise and hope for these sweet little elephants. A hope for the future of their species and a promise that they will one day be able to live again in the wild from whence they came; back to the vast savannah of Africa; under their captivating, starry skies.


It is Christmas fostering time at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Choose Your Elephant to Adopt. What a wonderful gift you can give, to help save a little elephant’s life.


CC Flickr: by Sugar Pond :  orphaned baby elephant bottle feeding at the DSWT


Adopt / foster an elephant at DSWT and “help us bring these elephants back to the wild and make their dreams come true.”


Watch the dswtkenya YouTube video “Gift of Life Adopt an orphan this Christmas“.


Image: CC Flickr: by Sugar Pond, orphaned baby elephant bottle feeding at DSWT

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