See Me Hear Me or A Potpourri of Elephant Photos, Videos & Stories

Happy World Elephant Day 12 August 2018 & Elephant Spoken Here Turns Three!

Elephants are special in every way.

Share your love of elephants and help save the species on this World Elephant Day.




Elephant Spoken Here celebrates our Third Anniversary on 12 August 2018.

For there cannot be a world without elephants.



Watch a sweet newborn elephant on video

Elephant Baby – First Steps“- a World Elephant Day YouTube Video


Image: Pixabay: baby elephant snacking with mama close by


World Elephant Day YouTube Channel

#WorldElephantDay on Twitter

World Elephant Day Facebook

Elephant Spoken Here Facebook page




Images: #BeElephantEthical poster & World Elephant Day banners  ; Pixabay: closeup, baby elephant snacking with mama close by



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