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Tiffany’s Passion For Elephants: Tiffany & Co. Has Created the Save the Wild Elephant Philanthropic Jewelry Collection & Donates 100% of the Profits to the Elephant Crisis Fund

When Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young founded, what came to be known as, Tiffany’s on 18 September 1837  they would not have included in their charter a commitment to save elephants. But fast forward 181 years and you find that Tiffany & Co, the luxury jewelry retailer recognized around the world for their robin’s egg blue box, known as “Tiffany Blue,” is determined to do just that.


Image: CC Flickr: Tiffany & CO box shaped building by chooyutshing


In 2017 Tiffany’s launched its very own philanthropic line of elephant jewelry pieces called the “Tiffany Save the Wild Collection” and have pledged a minimum of $2 million for elephants. (See tiffanyandco on Instagram 26 April 2018)

By donating 100% of the profits from their uniquely designed elephant charms and brooches, with the aura & elegance that only a Tiffany piece can have, Tiffany’s, as always, stands above the rest.

And Tiffany & Co.’s passion for elephants is catching.  Thank you, Tiffany’s.


Image: CC Flickr: African elephants drinking at waterhole by zoanaa


Image: CC Flickr: Tiffany & CO jewels by stephanie moisan


“At Tiffany, we’ve always been inspired by the natural world, and we see it as our moral duty to sustain the wonders of the earth. In continued support of this initiative, Tiffany was proud to debut the Tiffany Save the Wild collection to benefit the Elephant Crisis Fund, a joint initiative by Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and #KnotOnMyPlanet.”

Tiffany Save the Wild  elephant jewelry collection – elephant charms and brooches

Tiffany Save the Wild Promo



Elephant Crisis Fund

Save the Elephants

Wildlife Conservation Network

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation



Images: CC Flickr: Tiffany & Co. art by T_A_I_S; Tiffany & Co. box shaped building by chooyutshing; Tiffany & Co. jewels by stephanie moisan; African elephants drinking at waterhole by zoanaa

Watch YouTube Video   “Tiffany & Co. — #KnotOnMyPlanet: Did You Know?

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Image: CC flickr: Tiffany & CO art by T_A_I_S

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