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Earth Day 2018 : Make This Day Count, For Our Elephants

Of Urgent Concern:

A resurgence of interest, in the past couple of years, in lifting the ivory ban, has been voiced among 3 southern African countries (Namibia, Zimbabwe & South Africa), partly in response to Asia’s continuing call for ivory (used for meaningless trinkets). This is just one of the threats (including global warming & “habitat destruction“) that continue to devastate elephant populations worldwide.

Elephants serve a purpose on this earth. Help stop the annihilation of elephants.

There are no other roads for our elephants to take any longer, to save themselves.  


Image: cc flickr by Adelline Shreyber elephant B&W


Voice your support for elephants.

We can all help save elephants by donating to reputable elephant charities such as Elephant Voices who are on the ground with our elephants & committed to saving the lives of elephants through “Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education“. Thank you, Elephant Voices.


Make this Earth Day 2018 Count, For Our Elephants.


Image: CC Flickr adellineshreyber elephants    Elephant Face Off


See: “Where Are All the African Elephants?”


” South Africa Zimbabwe & Namibia want global ivory trade ban lifted” YouTube Video CGN Africa


cc flickr  Adelline Shreyber elephants



Earth Day website


YouTube Video: CGN Africa ” South Africa Zimbabwe & Namibia want global ivory trade ban lifted

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