We're Over the Big Top or When Will a Performing / Circus Elephant Become a Thing of the Past

Nosey the Circus Elephant Finds Refuge in Sanctuary For Now But Our Work as Elephant Activists to Save Nosey is Not Over Yet : A Timeline of Nosey’s Rescue

Elephant’s Owners Fighting to Return Their Performing Elephant to Same Inhumane Life She Has Endured For Over 30 Years So We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet.

How Did Nosey Find Herself Rescued in the First Place?



  • 7 November 2017  As fate would have it the caravan carrying Nosey the Circus Elephant broke down in Alabama. Lawrence County Animal Control Officer Kimberly Carpenter (see her photo here ), whose “job is to investigate abuse & neglect of animals,” investigated after locals alerted her to the situation. Upon arrival she found a chained elephant “swaying from side to side,” an obvious “sign of stress”.  She also discovered four miniature horses lingering with a circus troupe near the “undersized cargo trailers” alongside of a road (Hwy 157).


Image: PETA Nosey chained in front of trailer


  • 8 November 2017 With “lightening speed” Lawrence County District Court Judge Angela D. Terry “issued a ‘Writ of Seizure'” after DA Errek P. Jett presented a “Complaint For Writ of Seizure” outlining various offenses against Hugo Tomi Liebel, Franciszka A. Liebel Rebisz, Great American Family Circus (one of many aliases used by Liebel over the years)…


  • 9 November 2017 After a “three-hour long hearing” late in the day Nosey was rescued and that night The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee had a proper elephant-sized trailer to transport our African elephant Nosey away from the abusive, neglectful & dismal situation she has existed in for far too many years.



  • 4 December 2017PETA Announces Intent to Sue Over Chaining, Harm of Elephant Nosey” “An independent veterinarian and elephant expert who examined 20 years’ worth of federal documents related to Nosey called her case ‘the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant I have ever reviewed.'”


  • 15 December 2017  Lawrence County District Judge Angela Terry  presides over the case which will determine “Nosey’s future.” See “The Elephant in the Courtroomhere Judge Terry “will review over 40 pages of notes from two separate hearings before making a verdict”.


Image: PETA   Hugo & Franciszka Liebel mugshot




PETA: Nosey the Circus Elephant Confined to Her Pen


Anyone who has ever cared about or loved elephants is familiar with Nosey’s Story. Recently comedian Carol Burnett issued a plea for the humane release of Nosey the elephant to a sanctuary. She continues to advocate for Nosey’s “happy ending” . Thank you Carol!  *** See also:  “Carol Burnett Takes a Stand Against Cruelty to Elephants By Lending Her Celebrity Voice to Nosey the Elephant’s Cause***


But no organization has worked more tirelessly than Save Nosey Now, Inc. and of course, PETA.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has been standing by to lend their support of Nosey for a long, long time. Thank you for rescuing this special African elephant.

A special thank you, from Nosey. Believe me, Nosey knows a kindness. Nosey knows.


A notable comment among Nosey supporters was made by Patricia Bentley on one of Timothy Collins’ excellent articles pertaining to Nosey    “…Kim Carpenter, the DA’s office in Lawrence County, and Judge Terry did what no one else could after 30 long years! These people are true Heros!”

True heroes indeed!

For a background story on Nosey see also: “Despite Prolonged Public Outcry Nosey the Circus Elephant is Still Suffering & Still Waiting to Be Rescued While Her Master is Peddling Her Around Florida Flea Markets


Image: PETA     Sad Eyes. Nosey the Circus Elephant



##  A Series of Excellent Articles by Timothy Collins Cullman Today Newspaper in Alabama including:


  • Document: NOTICE OF DENIAL to Hugo Tomi Liebel from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  RE: …” application for a License to Possess Class I and/or II Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale (ESA) Application ID 23547″.
##  Decatur Daily Articles by Michael Wetzel

## The Moulton Advertiser Newspaper Articles

##  The Cullman Tribune


Image: PETA    Nosey Being Escorted by Bullhook Wielding Man



  • Please donate to Save Nosey Now, Inc. here  & The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee here 
  • Find breaking news about Nosey including what action to take for Nosey  visit the Media page at Save Nosey Now, Inc here 
  • Save Nosey Now, Inc 
  • Sign this petition “USDA, NO 2018 AUTOMATIC RENEWAL FOR LIEBEL FAMILY CIRCUS TO EXPLOIT NOSEY THE ELEPHANT” at org here To be delivered to: Secretary, USDA Sonny Perdue
  • Save Nosey Now, Inc. “Tweet Sheet” here 
  • Facebook Save Nosey Now, Inc. Update: renamed  The Elephant Advocacy Project

Let us keep the momentum going with #NoseysLaw




WAFF 48 News including Save Nosey Now, Inc. elephant activists / elephant advocates

WAAY TV 31 News with transcribed audio including DA Callie Walderp

WHNT 19 News “Custody Battle Continues For Nosey the Elephant

Custody Battle Brewing Over Seized Circus Elephant” including Hugo Liebel speaking his untruths

Perhaps the best video of them all: The Elephant Sanctuary  Just Being Nosey


Image: PETA   Nosey the Performing Elephant Grabs the Bullhook Away


Images: PETA











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