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Prayers Needed For Fragile Baby Elephant Named Ewaso Who Was Rescued at Just 8 Days Old From Rain-Swollen River in Kenya

Just moments before plunging into the boisterous waters of the Ewaso Ng’iro River this tiny elephant calf was seen in a panic, searching desperately for the mother that she was definitely too young to be separated from. And ever since her rescue, by “brave staff and guests at the nearby Elephant Bedroom Camp” in Kenya, Africa, it is the baby elephant’s rescuers who have been desperately searching; for Ewaso’s mother, that is.

Through a coordinated effort by the Elephant Bedroom Camp , Save the Elephants and The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary the fragile little orphaned elephant calf named Ewaso (after the river from which she was rescued) was transported/”airlifted” and is now being cared for and given a second chance at life.

But it is not without trepidation that Ewaso’s keepers provide updates (see Facebook #babyewaso 13 Nov 2017 post ) as to the orphaned elephant’s health. For such young elephant calves, are particularly vulnerable and fragile both physically and emotionally following such a separation from their mother, and their elephant herd.

Which is why the search continues for this baby elephant’s mother and why even elephants, especially our sweet orphaned baby elephants, need our prayers.


elephant Ewaso baby elephant rescue 3 Daily Mail

Image: copyright Jane Wynyard from Save the Elephants posted on The Daily Mail


Updates:  As of the latest reports on the baby elephant by the dodo reporter Sarah V Schweig “People Jump Into Rushing Flood To Save Tiny Elephant’s Life“, and on Facebook at #babyewaso, Ewaso is coming along better than expected, considering how much water she ingested “while fighting to stay afloat“.

What with the comfort and warmth she receives not only from her keepers but from the baby-elephant-sized blanket she snuggles under to nap, little Ewaso is steadily growing stronger. And her confidence has grown as well. For she has already formed quite the opinion & she is not afraid to show it!

When at play, outside, not too long ago, it began to rain. And instead of wanting to return to her stall as her keepers had instructed, the baby elephant balked at the idea, sounding off in shrill trumpets to anyone who would listen. Well, listen they did as she rushed back under the open skies with her keeper and she embraced the rain, the very rain that had caused so much heartache in her young life, the rain that had separated the days-old calf from the safety of her mama and her elephant herd.

What a resilient little spirit, little Ewaso. May you continue to thrive as our prayers continue your way, sweet elephant.

elephant Ewaso baby elephant rescue 2 Daily Mail

Image: copyright Jane Wynyard from Save the Elephants posted on The Daily Mail


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Images: copyright Jane Wynyard from Save the Elephants posted on The Daily Mail

Videos: see video of baby elephant rescue on Facebook here, post is from the Facebook of Elephant Bedroom Camp – Samburu  on 6 Nov 2017


Where’s Mummy to Tuck Me In? Elephant Calf That Fell Into a River When Separated From Its Herd is Wrapped Up In Blankets While Rescuers Desperately Search For Its Mother”  by Sophie Inge for MailOnline, The Daily Mail

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Community United For Elephants Facebook

Save the Elephants

Elephant Bedroom Camp Facebook post of 6 nov 2017 describes the baby elephant rescue titled elephant bedroom camp – Samburu.

#babyewaso on facebook  a post on 13 nov 2017 gives update after rescue of Ewaso.

#babyelephantrescue on facebook  with a number of baby elephants saved by kind humans.

Samburu National Reserve  wiki


elephant Ewaso baby elephant rescue Daily Mail

Image: copyright Jane Wynyard from Save the Elephants posted on The Daily Mail







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