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Celebrate National Elephant Appreciation Day 22 September 2017 & Share in This VIDEO Moment as an Elephant Herd Celebrates the Life of a Newborn Baby Elephant

Every year a special day has been set aside to show how much we admire and respect the most amazing animal on this planet, the elephant.

This day is called National Elephant Appreciation Day, it falls on September 22nd, and what more can we do to show our appreciation for elephants than by helping to save our elephants in the wild.

elephants drinking at waterhole by zoanaa cc flickr

Image: CC Flickr: African elephants drinking at waterhole by zoanaa


Share in this video moment as an African elephant herd celebrates the life of newly born baby elephant; a circle of life among an elephant population that should continue for many generations to come.

Watch this YouTube video presented by Wildlife Planet “Touching Moment as Elephant Herd Rushes to Greet Newest Baby” produced by Amboseli Trust For Elephants
And notice how one little elephant in the herd wraps her trunk around the Mother elephant’s tusk for a short while.


Elephants belong on our planet, too. Elephant conservation begins with US. and there is no better day to begin than National Elephant Appreciation Day. Spread the word. Our elephants thank you.

elephant baby suckling by hubsche cc flicker B&W

Image: CC Flickr: baby elephant suckling by hubsche


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Images: CC Flickr FEATURE elephant close up, snacking;
African elephants drinking at waterhole; Baby elephant suckling


elephant close up snacking cc flickr by Deneys

Image: CC Flickr: elephant close up, snacking by Deneys


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