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Beautiful Asian Bull Elephant Spotted in Corbett National Park in India Displaying Unique “Red Ears”

They are not as common as one might think, elephants with ears appearing almost red but certainly tipped with a bold and beautiful display of prominent pink. That is what drew amateur photographer Jagdeep Rajput to the lone bull elephant making his way across his home in the Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. And Rajput is not unfamiliar with elephants, having photographed them for the past 27 years.


Elephants painting Tree maybe use Ele of Week Into the Wild by Paingrin CC Flickr

Image: CC Flickr: Drawing Painting of Elephants presented by Paingrin

This beautiful Indian elephant (a subspecies of the Asian elephant) most likely “over the age of 25” was acting the “true gentleman” on that day as he seemed to enjoy the attention he was drawing. And his calm demeanor only added to his majesty; from his “huge size” to his almost crisscrossed tusks, to his show stopping “red ears”. All observed from a safe distance, of course.
TAKE A LOOK AT HIS PHOTOGRAPHS HERE at the MailOnline/The Daily Mail.

Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India
Jim Corbett National Park Wiki
Asian elephant wiki

As reported by Harvey Day for MailOnline/The Daily MailIs Someone Talking About Me? My Ears Are Burning! Elephant With Red Ears is Spotted in India

Note: May the Jim Corbett National Park soon discontinue their tradition of offering elephant rides on their elephant safaris. Our elephants deserve to live as elephants. And our elephants, as an endangered species, should be protected in every way. Enough said. (see this YouTube video showing an elephant ride in Corbett National Park)
Image: CC Flickr: Drawing Painting of Elephants presented by Paingrin


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