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Celebrate #WorldElephantDay on 12 August 2017 With The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Where “Everyday is World Elephant Day @DSWT”

With 2017’s World Elephant Day just 2 days away, Elephant Spoken Here would like to feature The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where “Everyday is World Elephant Day @DSWT“.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her team for their work in saving the lives of our African elephants (baby elephant orphan rescues).


baby elephants DSWT cc flickr Milk! by GnZrG

Image: CC Flickr DSWT baby elephants Milk! by GnZrG


Revisit VIDEOCelebrate World Elephant Day 2015
Watch “Beginnings – The NurseryVideo of the DSWT baby elephant orphans in their Nairobi Nursery
#WorldElephantDay on Twitter

DSWT World Elephant Day Activities



Elephant Spoken Here was born on World Elephant Day and now celebrates our 2nd anniversary spreading the word of elephant conservation throughout the world on our elephant blog.
Elephant Conservation Rocks!




Images: CC Flickr Feature photo DSWT baby elephant Got Milk by puliarf
& DSWT baby elephants Milk! by GnZrG
WED 2017 banners at World Elephant Day Press Room
World Elephant Day website
World Elephant Day logo at @wrldelephantday twitter

baby elephant got milk DSWT on cc flickr by puliarf

Image: CC Flickr DSWT baby elephant Got Milk by puliarf


World elephant day 2017 logo from wrldelephantday twitter


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