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Sign The Elephant Charter : Because Our Collective Voices Count

Elephant Spoken Here became the 2657th supporter, as an Elephant Friend, to sign The Elephant Charter today. (There are also “signatories” for Elephant Biologists and Elephant Professionals which track their own number of supporters separately.)

As a reader of our elephant blog we would like to encourage you to show your support and love for elephants and elephant conservation by signing The Elephant Charter, too. It is a simple process resulting in a collective gathering of elephant voices from around the world. There is even a translator feature that converts to a number of different languages besides English.

What is The Elephant Charter?

Though based on “elephant biology” one needn’t be a member of that branch of academia to embrace The Elephant Charter. It is “a set of guiding principles that forms a touchstone for anyone needing to address elephant interests“.

Authors of The Elephant Charter:

Include renowned “elephant social behavior experts”

Joyce Poole

Petter Granli

Cynthia Moss

Raman Sukumar

Andrea Turkalo


elephants 3 African BW nick@ cc flickr

Image: CC Flickr: B&W 3 African Elephants by nick@


Topics Included in The Elephant Charter Principles

“Conservation of Elephants”

“Co-existence of People and Elephants”

“Management and Welfare of Elephants Held Captive”

“Need For Space”

“Ecosystem Integrity”

“Complex Social Organization”

“Social Needs”

“Family Ties”

“Male Elephants Social Relationships and Musth”

“Social Learning and Culture”

“The Value of Longevity”

“Cognitive Capacity”


Why Sign The Elephant Charter?

…Because you care about helping elephants and saving elephants from extinction.

Our elephants need us. Our collective voices count.


African Rain Storm CC Flickr by Deneys De Beer

Image: CC Flickr: African Rainstorm by Deneys De Beer


Elephant conservation rocks!

Visit The Elephant Charter website


Images: CC Flickr African Rainstorm by Deneys De Beer , BW 3 African Elephants by nick@



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