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Earth Day : Our Elephants Belong Here, Too

They say if one is the “salt of the earth” then one has a “basic, fundamental goodnesscompared to those around them.

They are humble, yet representative of the best or noblest elements of society“.


On this Earth Day let us not forget our elephants.

If ever a species could be considered “salt of the earth” it would be the elephant.

And if any species deserves to live on this earth it would, again, be the majestic elephant.

For an elephant’s purpose on this earth is so varied and so grand.


elephant herd crossing river virtualwayfarer aka alex berger cc flickr

Image: CC Flickr: Elephant Herd Crossing River by virtualwayfarer


Our elephants belong here, too; on this Earth Day and everyday thereafter.

They shouldn’t live in fear of poachers taking their lives for their ivory tusks. They shouldn’t have to die.


The day to make our voices heard for elephant conservation is this day, right now. Before it is too late. Before our elephants are all gone. iworry still.


Elephants mama and baby ele by alex berger cc flickr

Image: CC Flickr: Elephant Mama & Baby by virtualwayfarer


Save our elephants in the wild. Help our elephants in captivity.


Images: CC Flickr: Mama and Baby Elephant by Alex Berger,   Elephant family,

elephant herd crossing river by Alex Berger

elephant family by virtualwayfarer cc flickr

Image: CC Flickr : Elephant Family by virtualwayfarer





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