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World Wildlife Day 3 March 2017 : For Our Elephants : Elephant Spoken Here Debuts Our Facebook Page


Dear Elephants:

On World Wildlife Day this 3 March 2017 Elephant Spoken Here created our Facebook page.

We’d like to think that this makes up for the fact that, once again, Elephant Spoken Here forgot World Wildlife Day. Oh my! We knew there had to be a reason that Elephant Spoken Here was clamoring this past Friday to set up that social media page. Yes, we know, if we were elephants, we would never forget… World Wildlife Day.


There can never another species that compares to you, our elephants.

There can never be a joy that compares to the joy one feels just watching you, our elephants, in nature, if only on a movie screen.

For this reason we continue to spread the message of elephant conservation. For as long as we can. For as long as it takes.

Sincerely, your true and humble servant,

Savannah Crisp




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Images: CC Flickr Posters


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