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Saying Goodbye : VIDEO Shows How Elephants Do Grieve and Mourn Over Their Dead

The story goes that a group of tourists (you can hear them speaking faintly on the video) visiting Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa witnessed a touching event. While on safari they happened onto a recently departed elephant, surrounded by an elephant herd standing solemnly behind. Sadly, these elephants were saying goodbye to one of their own.

Rangers had humanely put the elephant down because of a severe injury, a broken leg, and not long after, as elephants are quite perceptive to the concept of death, they had gathered around to mourn and grieve.

Watch how one elephant lovingly touches the stilled elephant with her trunk before turning and giving the signal to her elephant herd that it will soon be time to move on.

With this, once again, one can see just how human elephants really are.



Image: The Daily Mail           Elephants in the Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa Mourn a Recently Departed Elephant


Images: The Daily Mail

Source: “We’ll Never Forget You: Herd of Mourning Elephants Refuse to Abandon Their Dead Friend’s Body After It Broke a Leg and Had To Be Put Down By Rangers” by Emily Chan for MailOnline … The Daily Mail

Wikipedia: Chobe National Park  “has perhaps the highest elephant concentration” (50,000 elephants) in Africa.


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