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Rescued Elephants in India Receive Loving Care After Being Fitted in Warm Knitwear Donated By Ladies Spending Hours Hand Knitting & Crocheting Jumbo-Sized Sweaters and Leggings For Them

It didn’t take long, after an appeal from Wildlife SOS’s founder Kartick Satyanarayan, for three formally abused elephants, Suzy, Laxmi and Phoolkali to be outfitted in colorful knitwear. And the females, whose home is now at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India could not be more grateful for the kind gesture from local ladies skilled at hand knitting and crochet.



Image: Roger Allen from The Daily Mail                 Rescued Elephants at Wildlife SOS, India & the Ladies Hand Knitting Their Warm & Stylish Garb


Now, while it may be hard to imagine that elephants would need such jumbo-sized sweaters and leggings, the reality is that elephants are warm-blooded animals and, just like humans, feel discomfort from the cold. That makes the efforts to provide the custom-fitted garb such a fabulous gift for these three girls.

But, really, it is all in line with the mission of the sanctuary, to secure a safe and dignified future for their charges, the elephants that they have rescued thus far (some 20 in number with plans to rescue 50 more).

And with the success of this line of elephant wear, the remaining girls, anxiously awaiting their turn, should be just as equipped to handle the freezing temperatures. Never mind the fashion it provides.



Image: Roger Allen from The Daily Mail          Elephants Keeping Warm in Knitwear: Stylish Leggings and Jumbo-Sized  Jumpers


Images: Roger Allen from The Daily Mail

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