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Heartwarming Video: Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After a DSWT Team Plucks the Pachyderm Topsy Turvy From a Shallow Watering Hole in Kenya, Africa

Sometimes, try as she might, even a Mother elephant is unable to help her calf out of a precarious situation. Thankfully, this baby elephant (watch VIDEO here) who found herself trapped in a shallow watering hole in Kenya, Africa was within earshot of rescuers at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and was swiftly plucked to safety.

In the helicopter rescue, explains Alex Matthews for The Daily Mail Online,  a DSWT  team rushed over to the adorable baby elephant and was able to roll her out, topsy turvy, and send the tiny pachyderm on her way to her mama who was anxiously awaiting nearby.



Baby African Elephant Rescued Topsy Turvy Out of Water Hole by David Sheldrick Wildlife Team                Image: Daily Mail, Newsflare /chrissharkman


The wobbly little African elephant (who was only able to reach out to her mother with her “tiny trunk” in a cry for help during her ordeal ) set off after a push on the behind by the kind team of men from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust; just another day at the office for them.


If not for this wonderful elephant charity (DSWT) this trapped baby elephant would most certainly have perished, from predators or from starvation.

Please remember The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as you support reliable elephant charities with your cash donations this season.


Saving elephants is a responsibility for us all.

Elephant Conservation rocks!



Baby Elephant Too Little to Step Out of Watering Hole & Her Mama Was Unable to Help     Image: Daily Mail, Newsflare /chrissharkman



Images: The Daily Mail

Watch unedited version / VIDEO of the same “baby elephant rescue Tsavo, Kenya” including mama elephant protecting her calf from potential predators before the helicopter landed, sending swirls of dirt in the air.  ALL RIGHTS TO VIDEO & IMAGES REMAIN WITH ORIGINAL OWNER. They are used only for the purpose of helping to save elephants, these amazing elephants in the wild.

Watch video & see more photos of this adorable baby elephant during her helicopter rescue here at The Daily Mail Online

Donate to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here

Elephants still need your help, too. See DSWT iworry campaign


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