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The Rescue of Mohan the Elephant: How the “Unluckiest Elephant in the World” Became the Luckiest Elephant of Them All : Part 2

Mohan is now experiencing a freedom unlike he has ever known before.

He surrounded by the love and kindness from the humans who rescued him, “Mohan’s FREEDOM Team,” at the Elephant Care & Conservation Center . And he knows that, in time, when he has started to heal (he is physically quite fragile & of course, his mental anguish after so many years of abuse, is expected to linger still) the other elephants who have communicated with him through their trumpets and rumbles will be able to join him. (His reunion with his old friend Raju should be an especially happy occasion.)

It is the unspoken words that, to an elephant, mean the most. Welcome home Mohan!



Sweet Elephant Waving the Flag of Freedom Welcoming Mohan Home                    Image: Wildlife SOS facebook



Mohan the elephant surrounded by his rescuers from Wildlife SOS India “Mohan’s FREEDOM Team”          Image: Wildlife SOS Facebook




  • “Starved and debilitated”
  • “Protruding spine”
  • “Sunken temple”
  • “Abscesses”
  • “Swollen joints”
  • “Weak limbs”
  • “Impaired vision”
  • “Wounds”
  • “ Foot rot / swollen footpads / cracked soles / overgrown nails.” “Mohan was forced to labor despite disabilities.”



  • “Foot bath”
  • “Foot Care”
  • “Nutrition Supplements”
  • “Eye Treatment”
  • “Overall Vet Care” “The way we hope to build bond with him is by using something called positive conditioning or positive reinforcement where he learns to relate every experience of dealing with our staff & our elephant keepers as a positive experience.”



At the Elephant Conservation & Care Center in Mathura India Mohan has come to love:

  • Taking leisurely walks
  • foraging and exploring
  • Enjoying showers and a good scrub by caring and loving humans
  • A good old fashioned elephant dust bath
  • Oh, and having the luxury to scratch one’s elephant self against a tree!
  • Swimming in the pool / pond must be tops on the list
  • Just learning to live as an elephant again on the sanctuary grounds




Mohan is home at his sanctuary : the Elephant Care & Conservation Center in India Image: Wildlife SOS Facebook



Mohan has shown us what it means to see an elephant that suffers & we cannot let that happen, we need to get more elephants out. We have a list of about 50 elephants that are actually waiting in extremely pathetic condition, we need to get them out of there.

Because of you guys we have helped Mohan get his ‘Field of Dreams’ , you contributed and made this miracle happen and we need you to help us one more time and make it possible to get this ‘Field Of Dreams’** for Mohan and for other elephants.

(**The ‘Field of Dreams’ is actually more land for the elephants. It is 125 acres : at a cost of $1.7 million, $1000. = 1000 square feet. See facebook post of 21 August 2016 and donate to Wildlife SOS here


Mohan is just more than one elephant. He represents elephants across India; all of these Asian elephants , of which 98% of them are already gone.

Just about 10 decades ago (100 years) there were a million ( 1,000,000) elephants in India and we’ve got barely 20,000 left today. That means we have lost 98% of elephants in the last 10 decades.

It actually means that we could lose all elephants during our lifetime & it is really critical that we understand that and try and make a difference for the species, one (elephant) at a time.”


Please donate to Wildlife SOS “Saving India’s Elephants”





Images: Wildlife SOS Facebook at The Daily Mail “Worlds Unluckiest Elephant”…


Wildlife SOS Channel YouTube video “Mohan’s New Life at Wildlife SOS”

World’s Unluckiest Elephant’s Journey to Freedomvideo “Mohan the elephant suffered alone beaten, abused and starved by his owners for more than 50 years. Kept in shackles and gravely neglected Mohan was made to beg on the streets & forced to carry heavy loads on his back.” On 22 Sept 2016 just as the clock struck midnight Wildlife SOS came to Mohan’s rescue taking him 310.686 miles away from his abusers (Pratapgarh to Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Center in Mathura) to safety. He savored the bananas and the sugar cane he was given along the way!


The Daily Mail / Mail Online “ ‘World’s Unluckiest Elephant is FINALLY Freed in a ‘Dangerous’ Rescue Mission After Spending 50 Years in Chains in India

Wildlife SOS

Updates on Mohan at Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS World’s Unluckiest Elephant Mohan Unshackled on Facebook

Video “Unloading Mohan at ECCC”  4 October 2016 video / post on Wildlife SOS Facebook

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