Stampede For Elephants or Elephant Activist Events & Charity Fundraisers

Countdown to World Elephant Day & “Elevents” Abound : Show Your Support : Think of What You Can Do To Help Elephants

World Elephant Day is Tuesday 12 August 2016

“Elevents” (here are just a few of the events being held worldwide)


1)  Screenings are being held for the film (also available online) When Elephants Were Young. This  “feature documentary reveals the true story of the human-Asian elephant relationship. It will be released  in theatres to celebrate World Elephant Day 12 August 2016”.  See list of select cities in the USA & Canada hosting the screenings here


2)  World Elephant Day  “Elevents”  page is full of Events taking place to support our elephants


3)  Show your support for our elephants by donating to reputable charities that help elephants such as The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The DSWT rescues elephants in Africa. Many of these rescues are sweet baby elephants who were orphaned as a result of poaching.


See World Elephant Day website for their list of “Associates” who give so much to save elephants; without them our elephants would have no chance to survive the cruelty of humans both in captivity and out in the wild.


Donate to the World Elephant Society to “help raise awareness of the issues faced by elephants worldwide” here. There is a donate button on that page.


4)  “Sign the pledge. I pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat.”  Click the “Get Involved” button on this page  or find the form here  .



5) Help Save Elephants in your own way. Share your love of elephants with others, educate your friends. Time is running out for elephants. (“One Every 15 Minutes” See: I Worry)


Become an elephant advocate. Become an elephant activist. Our elephants will thank you for it. Our elephants will love you for it.



See World Elephant Day Activity page & learn how people are helping elephants

World Elephant Day Facebook

#elephants Twitter

Images: World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day Infographic



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