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ROROGOI : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Growing Up Ele : Part 2

Growing Up Ele : Update on Rorogoi 

As with every orphaned elephant rescued by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust there comes a time, or graduation day, when a new stage is reached by an elephant that brings her ( or him) closer to her (or his ) eventual release back into the wild. From that initial stage when the tiny rescued elephants are brought to the Nairobi Nursery they are graduated into a family of adolescent elephants. It is an individual decision as to when a growing elephant is ready to be moved to the next stage. It all depends on how each elephant has progressed both emotionally and physically. But when the little elephants are seen as fit to be relocated they are relocated out of the nursery.  And one of those locations in the next step of the “rehabilitation process” just happens to be in Voi.

So it was on to Voi for our little elephant Rorogoi in the latter months of 2015. It even took two eventful trips, though Rorogoi was not to be blamed for the ultimate return of the first journey in the “elephant moving truck”.  Rorogoi was quite complacent (she was more relaxed by the “effects of the Stressnil,” used to calm the elephants for necessary traveling) and her personality was such that she was not fussy about the potential adventure as were her two companions ( Arruba and Mashariki ).


Shades of Grey by Gwenn Seemel      Creative Commons Flickr


They are with the “big girls” now  at Voi and though shy at first little Rorogoi has found a new joy. For she seemed “to have remembered this as home;” everything was coming back to her, “the scents, the food, the vast landscape”. (Arruba and Mashariki also were rescued as orphans in the “Southern section of Tsavo East” where the DSWT’s Voi unit is situated.)

Now it didn’t take long for Rorogoi to start exploring, even taking the lead with her new elephant friends. And though she is still inclined to linger longer than the others, on their walks “into the nearby bush,” she has never once forgotten her way back. Maybe it’s because Rorogoi is truly home, encompassed by the earth on which she was born.

This should only inspire the determined elephant to persevere as she has done all along. As she is “Growing Up Ele” with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust our little elephant is in good hands and in no time at all she will be ready to be released back into the wild. But for now, as little Rorogio is back home in Tsavo (at Voi), she, along with the other orphaned elephants, should remain quite content.


For information on how to Adopt ROROGOI see: DSWT


See dswtkenya YouTube video here : of Rorogoi, Arruba & Mashariki’s move to Voi Unit in the “Elephant Moving Truck

Learn more about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s ( DSWT ) Fostering Program and how to Adopt Rorogoi or other sweet elephants.

To learn more about how DSWT Keepers determine when an orphaned baby elephant is ready to move from the DSWT Nursery in Nairobi to Voi or their other Rehabilitation Units, bringing each little elephant closer to their reintroduction into the wild, read DSWT’s  “Understanding the Elephant Orphans’ Project

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Note: At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  you may “foster your orphan”  from 1 year to up to 10 years! And before you submit your donation you “may select a few more orphans to foster” at the same time (for those of us who cannot decide!)

The orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are “reliant on your kind support” and, as always, the future of our elephants is in our hands.

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Featured drawing elephant painting credit: Shades of Grey by Gwenn Seemel  Creative Commons Flickr



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