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STAR : Elephant of the Week at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES : Remember Me

Remember Me

Name: Star

Date of Birth: 18 September 2007

Place of Birth: village of Baan Tuek, Thailand

Date of Death: 24 May 2010

Gender: Female

Elephant’s Home: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary  BLES

Location: near the village of Baan Tuek in Sukhothai, North Thailand


For information on this Baby Elephant’s Life & more photos see: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary : Star


Little Elephant / Tree of Life Drawing     credit: public domain CC Flickr


Sometimes baby elephants are put on this earth for a special reason and for a very short amount of time. When little Star was born on 18 September 2007 at the Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary a joy like none other was felt as she was the first calf born at the sanctuary on that eventful day.

She had overcome the odds for a preemie elephant (Star’s survival rate was “predicted to be 50%” because of the “high distress” her mama had been under before her calf was born three months before the due date. Star’s mama Pang Noi had been rescued when she was pregnant & still working as a logging elephant under extreme duress.)

Star’s arrival into this world was amongst the tree filled forest and it was in this same setting, before her third birthday, that she would be taken away. But on that night in the wee hours of the morning a “small, round, healthy baby” appeared bright eyed and already standing when Katherine’s husband, Anon, discovered her. Even then she was all too ready to “explore her new world”.

Star lived her life with abandon. She loved her elephant family & friends, especially Lom. She loved her toys, especially her “tyre” / tire. She loved her life at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES.

(She was quite “cheeky” and if ever there was an elephant who came to “exemplify” the goals of Katherine Connor and her team at BLES  it would be this little elephant – Star. For she “rejoiced in living a safe and protected life”, the life that all elephants should be able to live.


Baby Elephant Star loved her mama & elephant family at BLES    credit : BLES


On that fateful day, the last day of her life she was again exploring in her forest. But this time a mean storm had approached bringing with it “heavy rain”.  But Star was not frightened “and instead of taking shelter under her mother’s belly, she was dancing in the rain, rolling in the mud,” just “loving her life”. Just being her true baby elephant self. Just being Star.

And then the storm began to build. It came as suddenly as it left; that bolt of lightning that struck her down. “The shock was too much for her little round body” The baby elephant did not survive. Soon thereafter she was buried on the grounds of BLES in a little elephant grave. (See photo of BLES elephants  Pang Tong, Lom & Mee Chok standing by her grave. Posted on 11 September 2011 FB)


Star’s Legacy

The following is a Facebook post from 24 May 2014

“4 years ago today BLES was devastated by one of those sideswipes of Fate that nothing can prepare you for – our darling little girl Star was struck by lightning & killed while out in the forest during a storm. Our beautiful strong healthy and happy girl was gone How? Why? ”

“We can only imagine what BLES would be now if she were still alive, but as a direct result of her death we rescued 3 elephants in quick succession – Mee Chok, Wassana & Pang Dow. Star’s legacy was to ensure their freedom & bring them to BLES– she was born to bring love & light into the world and she does- every single day. Rest in peace darling girl- Forever at BLES. “


Star      photo credit: BLES / Peggy Dyer


***To help keep this baby elephant’s memory alive Katherine Connor has named their latest expansion project, a much needed veterinary clinic for elephants, The Star Medical Clinic. ***

Remember Me : Star       Donate to support & help build The Star Medical Clinic a part of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary

Donate to BLES to help support & rescue other sweet elephants

Trunks of thanks for all of your support”  BLES


“Star you will shine in my heart forever. When the breeze blows and the trees sway, I will feel you there with us every single day.” Katherine Connor on Facebook “In Memory of Little Star – The Star Medical Clinic “ post of May 25, 2010


Photo credit: baby elephant Star featured photo by Peggy Dyer : BLES owns copyright to all photos shown   (Peter Yuen)

Credit: CC Flickr : Drawing of little elephant / tree of life

See more photos of Star with her elephant family

Watch a vimeo video of little Star and her elephant family enjoying a peaceful day at the BLES playing in the water taken by a guest. Hear them trumpeting and see them clambering out of the river after their hours of fun!


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