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A Baby Elephant So Hairy She Resembles a Woolly Mammoth : Watch Video of Adorable Indian Baby Elephant as She Playfully Explores a Girl’s Face With Her Trunk

If watching this video of an adorable woolly mammoth-like orphaned baby elephant doesn’t encourage you to help save these wonderful creatures then nothing can.

As scientists have discovered the genetic link (in one study using mitochondrial DNA) from the Woolly Mammoth to the “modern elephant”  they have also shown that the Asian elephant is even more closely related than their African ancestors.


Drawing of Woolly Mammoth    credit: CC Wikimedia


This would help to explain (since Indian elephants are a subspecies of the Asian elephant) how the baby elephant you see in the video is so hairy and way too cute. In fact, baby Indian elephants are often called the “hairy ones “  See Julie Vallee’s Pinterest of elephant photos.

And Frans de Waal’s facebook page showing a “Mini Mammoth” by the name of Suki at Think Elephants International  just confirms this theory.


Woolley Mammoth     credit: CC Flickr


But let us not forget, though distracted by all these cute baby elephants, that today our elephants are on the road to extinction. Thanks (or no thanks to) humans.

And knowing this how could we not want to protect our elephants, the most intelligent creatures that still roam this earth? They are reaching out to us to save the species.

Help our elephants live. Let them not become lost to the world as the woolly mammoths did.

Elephant conservation rocks!

Please support the elephant organizations and charities featured in our Elephant Spoken Here blog posts such as The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  for African elephants and Elephant Nature Park for Asian elephants. Also support passionate individuals such as Jack Lanting from New Zealand who truly cares about rescuing elephants.

Our elephants thank you.


Photo credit : CC Flickr featured elephant  CC Wikimedia Drawing of Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Mammoth

YouTube Video : ” Baby Elephant Searches For Girl’s Nose ”  by amystan now has over four million views. Description: “This is a video of an elephant calf I worked with in India as she searches for my nose.”

Note: the photo of our featured elephant is not the baby Indian elephant in the amystan video, just another super cute hairy baby elephant!


Asian Elephant in the wild. Hairy baby elephant!




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