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Lulu : Elephant of the Week at PAWS – Performing Animal Welfare Society : Loxodonta Africana : Part 2

Loxodonta Africana  For photos and information on how to Adopt Lulu see: PAWS

Part 2 :  PAWS to the Rescue, Lulu Here We Come

A hand was extended in 2005 and a trunk reached out. That hand was from the late Pat Derby (along with PAW’s Ed Stewart). But at that point our Lulu had held on for so long in such an unnatural environment (an elephant on a cement slab in a zoo) that she didn’t know what to think. What human could she trust? What elephant would let her just be herself?

So this was how the late Pat Derby co-founder of PAWS was introduced to Lulu and part of Lulu’s story is documented in An Apology to Elephants as well.

In the film Pat (as Lulu held out her foot for Pat to rub) explained:  “Lulu came 6 years ago. She’s my little special project. When she came she was so mentally disturbed, she was afraid of everything and to compensate she would throw sticks, poop, rocks. And she had deadly aim. She wanted to kill you.” (Pat strokes Lulu’s foot through the metal fencing “What a sweet girl, she’s my baby.”)

Ed Stewart in An Apology to Elephants: ”You know, she’s an elephant with issues and so she’s calming down a lot, with other people she sometimes takes a swing but she loves Pat so she doesn’t do that with her.” (All the while Pat was cooing to Lulu “And she’s beautiful, isn’t she pretty.”)



And so Lulu had some special years with Pat Derby until Pat passed away (on 15 February 2015). Pat instinctively knew Lulu’s emotions were delicate and worked with her on Lulu’s terms. It may have seemed a long time in coming but Lulu began to respond to that love and kindness. Pat just instinctively knew elephants.

The last word from the sanctuary was this. “ We are quite pleased with Lulu’s adaptation to her new home and friends; she is a truly remarkable elephant and is loved by both elephants and humans at PAWS.”

Thank you Ed Stewart for your service to elephants (PAWS sanctuary), and for carrying on the good works of Pat. For Pat Derby will never be forgotten by an elephant named Lulu and oh, so many other elephants like her.


For information on how to Adopt Lulu see: PAWS

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Link: Ed Stewart/ Pat Derby @PAWSARK2000  Twitter


See PAWSWEB video :  The 4 girls Mara, Maggie, Ruby, Lulu Nov/Dec 2010 at PAWS

See video of Lulu on 2 April 1968. She had just been purchased for $4000.00 for the Fleishhaker Zoo (renamed in 1941: the San Francisco Zoological Gardens) in San Francisco, CA

Video: Lulu 10 year anniversary at PAWS part 3

Video: Lulu 10 year anniversary at PAWS part 4

It is quite disturbing to watch this home video of Lulu before she was rescued from her life of misery at the San Francisco Zoo.  Although the title says “ Lulu elephant playing “ one can see and feel how unhappy she was trapped in the San Francisco Zoo for so many years.


It Had to Begin With Elephants PAWSWEB’s Video Tribute to Pat Derby

Video:  Pat Derby: Celebrating a Remarkable Life

credit: public domain drawing of elephant


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