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Olsekki : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Too Cute

Name: Olsekki

Date of Birth: Tuesday 10 September 2013

Age on Arrival: Approx. 12 months

Gender: Male

Where: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery   Nairobi Kenya Africa

Too Cute For Photos, see Olsekki’s Orphan Profile & video at: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Sometimes all the good intentions in the world cannot save an elephant. This time it was the mama elephant that was found in distress and could not respond to assistance or be mended.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s daughter Angela had received word about an “injured female elephant” out on the Masai Mara that had been “observed by scouts” in apparent agony for several days.

“The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust funded Sky Vets initially responded” (both the Kenya Wildlife Service Veterinary & the DSWT Mara Mobile Veterinary teams were, deservedly, taking some time off). But from the very beginning it did not look promising. Even still, “KWS Veterinary Officer Fred Olianga” returned from his hiatus to be a part of this very important decision, one that was never “taken lightly”.

Although it remained a “mystery” as to how this baby elephant’s mama had suffered such a “dramatic fracture” (and had become “virtually immobile as a result of her injuries”) a collaborative decision was made by the veterinarians that this adult elephant would have to be put down, even with a “milk-dependent calf” by her side.

As with all rescues of orphaned baby elephants the crucial element was time and though there was the loss of an elephant life that day hope still remained for the 12 month old “baby bull”. The little elephant was immediately secured for his very first plane ride.


baby elephant drawing


He came to be named Olsekki (from the area where he was rescued) and almost as soon as the calf arrived at the DSWT “Nairobi Nursery” he hungrily took to his very first bottle. Though it was obvious he was missing his mama, little Olsekki “tamed down quickly” with the soothing presence of another orphan stable mate by the name of Suswa who happened to bunk “right next door”. Why, in no time (2 days!) the little bull was joining the whole group of baby elephant orphans “out in the bush” in their exercise and play.

Now, with the love and care from his keepers and “the balm of the other elephants” this “baby bull” has a bright future. And as little Olsekki has come to embrace his new life at The David Sheldrick Trust Nursery he can still travel back in his mind and find comfort from fond memories of his mama and his own elephant family.

But for he now can revel in the safety and security of his surroundings looking forward to the day when he can return to the wild and begin a new family of his own out on the Masai Mara, that vast reserve on the savanna from which he came.


For information on how to Adopt Olsekki see DSWT


Note: At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust you may “foster your orphan” from 1 year to up to 10 years! And before you submit your donation you “may select a few more orphans to foster” at the same time (for those of us who cannot decide!)

The orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are “reliant on your kind support” and, as always, the future of our elephants is in our hands.


For YouTube video of Olsekki’s Rescue see dswtkenya

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credit: public domain drawing of baby elephant







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