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Let Us Not Say Goodbye to Our Elephants

As another year comes to an end an all-encompassing thought comes to mind. It has nothing to do with parties or revelers or celebrations. It has nothing to do with ringing in the New Year at all. But it has everything to do with elephants. What can we do to ensure a future for our elephants?

This blog is written as a labor of love. It’s focus, for the time being, is to save our elephants from extinction and to end elephant abuse and the suffering of our elephants in captivity and in the wild. (Let us hope that someday very soon we will be able to celebrate the elephant without fear for their survival; or without elephant abuse & the suffering of our elephants being forefront in our minds.)

Let Us Not Forget

  • Poaching for the illegal ivory trade is annihilating the elephant species. Our elephants are an endangered species. 
  • Our elephants are suffering in captivity. This includes elephants in a circus, most zoos, elephants used for elephant tourism (giving rides, performing, or being put on display), elephants used in the entertainment industry (Hollywood films, television shows & commercials, private parties & functions)
  • Elephants are more intelligent than humans. Elephants grieve the loss of other elephants, whether through separation from their elephant family or through death. Elephants feel pain. Elephants remember elephant friends and are exuberant when they are reunited.
  • Elephants just want and need to be elephants again.

Elephants give us joy and happiness. All they have to do to make us smile is just be elephants.

And when we see or hear of our elephants being killed or suffering. That is all it takes to make us weep, or rile us up in any way.


Elephants Walking Away


Every elephant featured on Elephant Spoken Here needs our help. Every other elephant not featured on Elephant Spoken Here needs our help, too. ( We love all of our elephants. 🙂 )

Thank you to the readers and followers of Elephant Spoken Here. Together we can help to share the message of elephant conservation and help to educate others as to the desperate situation our elephants are in.

There will be a world without elephants if we do nothing.

It is guaranteed.

Let us not say goodbye to our elephants.

Let us help to guarantee a future for our elephants instead.


Baby Elephant Staying Close to Mama



Photo credits: Creative Commons Flickr   Featured B & W Elephants  Elephants Walking Away     Baby Elephant & Mama


Our Elephants

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