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British Airways Gives the Ultimate Gift To Save Elephants With Their Sponsorship & Conservation Efforts at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya Africa

It is always more pleasing to give than to receive and there can be none more deserving of such gift than our orphaned baby elephants. Just ask the staff and crew members of a major airline who regularly volunteer to take part in each compassionate flight.


British Airways World Cargo aircraft transport blankets & special milk for elephants at no cost to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya Africa


For British Airways, providing warm blankets (comfort) and the transport of nourishment (special milk flown aboard their aircraft without cost to the sanctuary) for baby elephants in Africa has been most welcomed by the pachyderms and indeed it has contributed to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s success story of having saved over 150 orphaned elephant livesthus far.

And it is through these exemplary actions and with their ongoing sponsorship of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya  Africa that British Airways can only be praised for taking the spirit of giving to new heights.


British Airways World Cargo flight


As a part of British Airway’s elephant conservation outreach volunteers among their staff and crew readily assist efforts to accompany milk runs and in the gathering of “onboard blankets” which are then used “to protect the baby elephants from the harsh sun”. Oh, our baby elephants do love them so!

On their website, under the “BA Community and Conservation Programme” banner, British Airways representatives have long recognized the valuable contribution The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust makes to ensure a future for our elephants.


Little elephant taking to the bottle at feeding time DSWT Nairobi Kenya Africa


“The DSWT embraces measures needed for the welfare, protection and conservation” of elephants and their “habitats in Kenya by rescuing and hand rearing orphaned” elephants with the purpose of returning them back, “when grown” into “the wild”.

And with British Airways and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on their side our elephants in Africa can still have a fighting chance, one wee orphan at a time.


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust “relies upon your kind support”. Please donate to help our elephants. 

See two videos of how much our elephants at the DSWT love their blankets and their bottles of milk delivered to them by British Airways!

UPDATE: Watch Two VIDEOSBritish Airways Community and Conservation Programme Onboard Film” which shows DSWT Elephants (start at 5:48) & “Community Investment Center – What we do” (DSWT elephants start 0.59 seconds)

photo credits: Creative Commons, Flickr Featured group elephantsbaby elephant bottle  British Airways World Cargo aircraft 1 , British Airways World Cargo aircraft 2 


Baby Elephants at DSWT in Nairobi Kenya Africa



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