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PAWS Launches ‘BUCKS FOR BULLS’ Campaign & Your Donations Save Bull Elephants


The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has launched a campaign to Save Bull Elephants. By donating to their cause, “Bucks For Bulls,” you can help rescue bull elephants like Nicholas or Prince who now have a peaceful life and can live like elephants, as they should.


“The “Bucks For Bulls” premise is simple. Every friend of PAWS donates one buck.”

“Imagine what we could accomplish if PAWS friends across the country took up this cause! One buck each, for a bull elephant in need.”


Good deeds are never forgotten, especially by our elephants!

Pay it forward to our elephants.

It just takes one person to start the chain that leads to saving bull elephants.


Envision: “Thousands of bucks for bulls!” “A million bucks for bulls!”

 “Save Bull Elephants Join PAWS’ “Bucks For Bulls” campaign, today!”


Nicholas, one of PAW’s bull elephants enjoying the sanctuary



All Bucks For Bulls” monies will be used for habitat enclosures (fencing), barns, transportation costs involved with rescue, and veterinary care of captive bulls.”


Share and distribute the fact sheet poster available at PAWS.

Twitter for bull elephants!

Share : the PAWS Bucks For Bulls (elephants) on Facebook!”

“For more information on PAWS “Bucks for Bulls,” email the PAWS office at, or call them at 209/745-2606.”


Photo credit: PAWS

Donate to the PAWS “Bucks For Bulls” Campaign


See videos of bull elephants including Nicholas at PAWS Bucks For Bulls YouTube




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