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21 October 2015 Celebrations Abound on the Iconic Date Marty McFly Visited When He Went Back to the Future

“Great Scott!” The waiting is over. The future is now.

Today marks the iconic date, 21 October 2015, that propelled Marty McFly and Doc Brown Back to the Future in the second film (released in 1989) of the trilogy.



Events have been planned worldwide, Caroline McGuire of The Daily Mail online reports. Some of them include:

*  The Million McFly March;  in Burbank, California                                                                                                                   This fundraiser for The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research will have fans of the film and the actor gathering to hopefully “amass the largest number of Marty McFlys in history”.  Potential McFlys (dressed as Michael J. Fox’s character) will meet at the “first real-world location” used in the film. It is “The Burger King at 545 N Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502”.

*  Universal Studios backlot Custom Tour; in California                                                                                                             As the majority of Back to the Future II was filmed here, fans will be able to tour the backlot set locations. A restored version of the “time machine” DeLorean actually used on screen by the cast will also be on display.

Also planned the same week are film location tours (nearby “venues featured in the film”) and a cast meet and greet at “Hill Valley” (at a venue near Burbank, CA).


Back to the Future DeLorean


* Screening of Back to the Future Film at the Brooklyn Bowl;  in London England

* Delorean Dynamite at the Bussey Building; in Peckham                                                                                                     Lest we not forget that on Friday a duel 2015/1955 party will take simultaneously place featuring dance music on one floor with an “Enchantment Under the Sea” theme and the music of this era, 2015, on another.


Christopher Lloyd as Doc in the Back to The Future Trilogy


* New York City Taxi Company LYFT Offering Free “Delorean Rides”

“In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly time travels forward and lands 30 years later, on 10/21/2015 — which just happens to be our present day. Since hoverboards are still in beta testing, we decided to celebrate with a true classic: the DeLorean. We’ve teamed up with Verizon for #WhyNotWednesday to give free DeLorean rides around NYC.”

* Pepsi Perfect Available for $20.15, While Supplies Last                                                                                                  Only 6500 16.9 ounce bottles will be produced for the USA fans of the film so it will be gone in a flash. They will only be available online and “outfitted in a special case”.


Image: CC Flickr:  Back to the Future



* Comedy Night featuring Back To The Future at Leicester Theatre; in London, England

Nathan Cassidy will “perform an abridged version” of his stand-up routines on each of the Back to the Future films

* Celebration of Back to the Future at MidCity Lanes Rock N Bowl;  in New Orleans, LA  http://www.rocknbowl.com/events

The theme is “The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” and the Rock N Bowl promises to recreate the set as featured in the film.  A tribute band will perform the songs made famous in the film by Huey Lewis and The News (“The Power of Love”).


Image: CC Flickr: Back to the Future II



* Back to the Future Screenings of the film with live orchestra accompaniment

Presented by the Film Concerts Live! company screenings will be held in numerous locations across the globe including Melbourne, Australia

So, don’t forget to synchronize your watches everyone and join in on the fun!


Hill Valley Telegraph


Photo credits: Creative Commons Flickr   BTTF BTTFII Doc Clock Tower DeLorean Marty McFly 

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