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The 2nd U.S. #IvoryCrush in Times Square Takes NYC By Storm

In what promises to be a periodic event hosted by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (along with their “wildlife and conservation partners”) New York City welcomed environmental activists impassioned for the cause of saving our elephants. 

Ivory Crush in Times Square New York 2015

The event, The 2nd U.S. #IvoryCrush, in Times Square, which was held on 19 June 2015, drew “wildlife advocates, lawmakers, and even celebrities.”  They came not only to further the cause for our elephants but to also witness the over 2000 pounds of illegal ivory artifacts being ceremoniously fed to the chopper.

Illegal ivory artifacts before they were pulverized #IvoryCrush 2015

A promised “memorial to elephants” will be created from not only this ton of pulverized ivory but also the 6 tons of elephant ivory from “the first crush which took place in Denver, Colorado on 14 November 2013.” Sadly, the amount of ivory fromthe two crushes combined easily represent at least 1700 elephants who have been slaughtered by poachers.

#IvoryCrush is sending out a clear message:

  • The illegal trade of ivory (worldwide) must come to an end
  • Poaching of elephants, especially African Elephants, must stop

How Can America & Other Nations Help?

  • Refuse to purchase anything crafted from ivory
  • Continue to spread this message to everyone around you. Start conversations about the plight of our elephants with your friends.  (We urge you; do not buy any product which contains elephant ivory).

At the U.S. #IvoryCrush ,Times Square, event gatherers were also made aware that if the poaching of our elephants continues at the rate it is currently heading (poaching is now at its highest level in decades) the species couldn’t possibly reproduce fast enough to save itself from extinction.



With our elephants going up against brazen individuals such as Victor Gordon, whose sentencing in 2012 brought an end to an elaborate African ivory smuggling operation, one can see a formidable battle in the years to come.

We will never give up on you, elephants. We can never forget you need our help.

Photos: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service #IvoryCrush 2015 Event

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