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National Elephant Appreciation Day 22 September 2015

A History of National Elephant Appreciation Day

The first Elephant Appreciation Day was celebrated on 22 September 1996 by its founder Wayne Hepburn.

After receiving a paperweight, “encircled by a parade of elephants,” a gift from his daughter, he became enamored by them (elephants, not paperweights. 🙂 )

His new passion led him to read about, study, and even seek out the mighty elephant.

Well, his daughter was spot-on in her choice of gifts as over the years Wayne amassed a collection of elephants that numbered over 1900 items. And that was the inventory (from toys, books, art, clothing, jewelry & more) in 1997!

“Elephant Appreciation Day / Elephant Day, unlike community festivals, has no central event. It is to be observed and enjoyed by anyone anywhere on a local level.” Wayne Hepburn

Thank you Wayne for National Elephant Appreciation Day.

“For all those who will join together on September 22nd to honoring the largest land animal in world.”

Elephant Conservation Rocks!    photo by Alex Wild


(And in this twenty-first century let us emphasize elephant conservation over anything else.

Elephant conservation rocks!   Savannah Crisp)

Learn more about:

The National Elephant Appreciation Day Community on facebook.

See a cute video on facebook they posted on 25 Aug 2015 from Yahoo UK & Ireland. Watch this elephant “having the best day of his life” after finding a piece of ribbon!

Visit the elefunteria

photo credit: Alex Wild


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